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Manpower Recruitment Agency in Maldives

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Manpower Recruitment Agency in Maldives.

Seaworld Maldives Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading registered manpower agents
in Maldives since 1993. We require professional, skilled and semi skilled staffs from
different countries to work in Maldives. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

We wait with great interest to hear from you soon.

Seaworld Maldives Private Limited
Ma. Rimkha(01st. Floor) Block# 20230
Dhilbahaaru Goalhi
Male' 20072
Republic of Maldives
Tel: (960) 3345566 Fax :( 960) 3331537
E-mail: [...]
Founder Member -- Maldives Association for Employment Agencies
Member -- Maldives Chamber of Commerce
License no: 08/98 – Date: 23.07.1998

  • MKH RJ

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    I AM A STUDENT .I AM JUST ONLY 27 .I HAVE A PLAN AND 100% SUCCESSFULLY WORK BECZ I'd maked it my full age step of step i learn and research and make it so if you give me a chance i want to show my skill ..promise hardly i don't need any amount for this ..i don't show off as a media or your country people .you haven't need any cost as like you need a car so also need a petrol etc as like so i challenge it yours people dosen;t need this.just travel s man need to use this so you will save this amount .

  • Ganiu Adegbola

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    I am looking for suitable organization to join in Maldive which i will like to hear from you as soon as possible also you can view my profile.

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